Aiming for a sustainable society to be left in the next generation


In this half a century Japan has built an international position with economic development by importing resources and exporting superior technology and products. However, we concern about a declining international competitiveness due to various factors. Japan not only threatens the position of "manufacturing" field that Japan has been proud of, but also agriculture and education that supports the foundation of the nation have many problems for our future. M2Labo. contributes to the creation of a sustainable society by strengthening the competitiveness by using our unique analytical techniques and new social business creations.

M2Labo. Inc.     Company Profile

2009 ---> Yuriko Kato founded

2011 ---> Our main business "VegiProvider®" was awarded the 1st Prize by the 1st Woman business plan competition

                sponsored by   Development Bank of Japan 

​2015 ---> Invested by Suzuki Support, Suzuyo, SSK Foods, others

<Capital > 39 million yens

<Address >  Post 4390006 110-1 Horinouchi Kikugawa-shi Shizuoka-ken
<TEL > +81-537-28-7721 

<FAX > +81-537-28-7724

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Yuriko Kato

Founder & President

Born in Chiba Pref, in Japan. Graduated from Tokyo University in 1998. Awarded a master degree by Cranfield University, Precision Farming, in U.K. in 2000. Joined in NASA's project which challenges producing foods on a spaceship. After that, I started working for Canon Inc., a development company of industrial machinery, and served as R & D leader of the same company. I founded this company in 2009 to achieve a sustainable society, Expertise are local business development, agricultural robot, numerical analysis.

Teruo Hasegawa

​Managing Director / Sales Leader


Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Tokai University, joined BEAMS. After engaging in inter-company collaboration and press work there, I moved to a publishing company and focused on setting up a restaurant in the publishing industry. After that, being freelance for a few years, I started working as secretary general at NPO corporation, "Made in Japan Project", for Japan's manufacturing and production activities. From the glamorous industry such asa apparel and publishing industry, I moved to Shizuoka and joined in M2Lab. in 2011 to create  sustainable businesses. Current position since March 2017.

Daisuke Harada

​VegiLabo Inc. Director

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. My former job is a video creator. But when seeing my relatives changed  their jobs to farming, I was attracted by agriculture. The number of producers is decreasing due to aging in Japan and further the young generation is going to the city. To stop this direction, I challenge to make farming  an occupation cool enough to be chosen by young people.